Smarttrend Board Of Directors

            Adam Smith – President

– Borned in a Financial family in Swiss

– Advisor of Capital Funds

– Specialist in BankerBay and international finacial area over 25 years


                  John Cao – CEO

– Over 15 years manager in International

– Graduate from Cornell University

– He has been invested in a private technology company


                    Benz Chu – CFO

– A financial expert in the US

– Have over 20 years in advising VCF

– Financial Manager at New York Guardian


                     Mark Ali – CTO

– Graduated from KIT University of Technology

– Chief of Technology Officer, Zebra Technology

– Technology consultant for multinational corporations



                   John Seah – CMO

– Have 15 years of experience operating multinational companies
– Senior Business Administration Consultant
– Have expertise in the field of technology, finance and affiliate marketing


                       Mike Paker

America Marketing Regional Director

– With over 20 years of experience sales multinational companies
– Master of Marketing Administration Advisory
– Have expertise in the field of financial, baking and directly marketing


                     Luke Agustine

Europe Marketing Regional Director

– Graduated from Humboldt-University
– Consultancmy of Marketing Projects
– Direct Sale Marketing manager over 10 years


                  John Hanberg

        Asean Marketing Mannager

– Graduated from Frankfurt University
– Projects Manager of Consumer Goods
– Marketing and Communication Manager